R1Soft the Saviour

R1Soft the Saviour

Website Hosting is not a silly game, it has to be taken up really serious!!! Many a times we come across customers who think their responsibility is over by just signing up with a host. They believe their data is safe and they don’t care about backing up websites. We have heard from many customers about such experiences where they lost everything at their previous host due to hardware failures or other disasters and their host couldn’t retrieve anything for them.

We, at HopeWebHost, takes disaster recovery very seriously. We have implemented remote backups for all websites, whether the customers opted it or not. Unlike many other hosts who takes backups on the same server as the websites, our backup manager takes all backups to a remote server. Hence, any issues that may arise with the current server will, in no way, affect the backups.

We use R1soft as our backup tool. We also provide a restore tool in the control panel for customers to choose the backups that they want to restore. Did you delete a file by mistake? Is your website hacked? Do you think someone has uploaded malicious contents to your website? Don’t worry at all – just login to your control panel, choose the date from which you wish to restore the site and done! This option is not only available for website files, but also for mysql databases. We will soon publish a detailed post on how you can restore your website.


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