EasyApache 4 – An Introduction

EasyApache 4 – An Introduction

cPanel’s latest releases have replaced the old EasyApache with the so called EasyApache4. While it may look a bit difficult initially, as you see a totally new interface with whole lot of options, it indeed is cPanel’s appreciable effort to make Apache and PHP configuration simpler and lighter and usable by anyone.

EasyApache4 helps a customer to configure their Apache and PHP settings, enable and disable modules and do anything that require through the comfort of their favourite control panel. It is inbuilt and is available by default through cPanel at no extra cost.

The most comfortable option that is bundled with EA4 is the ability to choose and use multiple PHP versions. Server owners can choose which PHP version is to be used by default, and can also enable and disable modules accordingly. You can also assign different PHP versions to different domains through this feature. Upgrade are automatic and it makes sure that your PHP websites run on the latest and most secure platforms.

EasyApache4 is available only on Centos 6 & 7, CloudLinux 6 & 7, RHEL 6 & 7 and on cPanel versions above 11.52. Hence, if you are not seeing EA4 in your WHM, make sure you update your cPanel to the latest version. Try it, its fun !!!



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