What is Shared Hosting?

What is Shared Hosting?

When you stumble upon any Web Hosting Company’s site, the first plan that mostly welcomes you will be a Shared Hosting plan. You are in need of a website, but you do not know which plan to choose. How do you know what is required?

Shared Web Hosting is a hosting practice in which your website is accommodated in a server along with many other websites. The resources to run the website like CPU, memory, bandwidth etc are common to all websites. It is like living in an apartment where you get the space to live, but all facilities like garden, swimming pool, parking lot etc needs to be shared by all residents in the apartment. The main advantage of Shared Hosting is its cost effectiveness. Shared hosting is the cheapest form of Hosting available and hence is largely welcomed by those with personal blogs, and many small businesses who have small websites and low traffic. HopeWebHost makes sure that all customers who sign up with us have enough resources available, based on their plans, and do not let anyone misuse the resources there by affecting other websites.


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